How a Cartel takes over US - Mexico Border / How People live

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Dear people, in this episode we will visit the most guarded border in the world, which is nevertheless under the onrush of illegal immigrants. In order to get to the USA they scale rusty poles, crawl under fire. There are also really desperate guys, who hide under the seat covers in buses to travel
unnoticed. Others build actual catapults, believe it or not, to shoot cocaine bundles over the neutral zone to the US territory. Here the night vision camera caught the moment of the shot. Some numskulls even try
to drive over the wall. Here’s a Jeep stuck on top of the steel supports. The guys had to simply drop it and haul ass.
We will also go to the really remote areas of Mexico, where people live like in prehistoric times.
There’s no TV, no cellular connection, no Internet except in the mayor’s house. But most importantly there are no police. In the Guerrero state mountains people grow heroin, and the towns are ruled by those
who drive very expensive cars.
Today I’m at one of the most dangerous and interesting borders in the world – the US-Mexico border. Still, despite this huge crazy wall people manage to leak through the fence. This is Lyadov and How People Live from the US-Mexico border.

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